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These Four Years

*A documentary about college students by college students.

In Fall 2014, roughly 21 million American students, chose to invest in a college education, according to the department of education. Yet, only about 30 percent of Americans hold four-year college degrees, which means that college is either undesirable - or inaccessible - for 70 percent of the 319 million people who live in the U.S. MediaLab asks the question: Does a 4-year degree still represent the promise of a better life? With the help of researchers, educators, employers, workers, current students and prospective college attendees, MediaLab seeks to understand the effects that higher education, or the lack thereof, can have on professional opportunities and personal well-being and happiness in the 21st Century. Song: "Woodgrain" by DJAO

We are a group of documentary filmmakers who also happen to be college students. With the costs of higher education increasing at unprecedented rates – and recent studies suggesting that many college graduates feel unfulfilled in their post-graduation careers – we explore the stories of current and former students, and introduce you to educators and administrators across North America working to implement education reforms. Ultimately, we aim to answer the question: Are colleges creating environments in which individuals can develop skills and abilities that will allow them to lead happy and fulfilling lives?